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Kind Words

May 21st, 2010

A couple weeks back, I received copies of the Shadow’s Son ARC (advanced reading copy) from my U.K. publisher, Gollancz. On the first page was written a foreword by Gillian Redearn, Senior Commissioning Editor. I’d like to share it.

She wrote:

“Dear Reader,

Shadow’s Son is an extremely entertaining fantasy novel.

If you want to get caught up in an adventure, if you want a book that can make you feel that pause in time that occurs between an assassing taking aim on their target and releasing the trigger, then you’ve found the novel you’re looking for.

This is the story of an assassin. Caim. He’s good at his job. He likes his job, which helps when you’ve had to infiltrate a castle unseen, lurk in the shadows for a day, climb into the rafters of the great hall and perch there for hours — in the cold, the darkness, the silence — waiting for the perfect moment to take out your mark. Caim likes his life, too, which is a shame because if he wants to keep it, he’s going to have to escape from his cold perch on a rafter inside a great hall inside a castle, and do it with fifty of his target’s servants hot on his heels, all eager to avenge their master.

It’s a lot of fun.

[…]I’m delighted to introduce you to the next bloody, twisty, dark author whose novel you simply must read: Jon Sprunk.

Hell hath no fury like an assassin wronged . . .”

Thank you, Ms. Redfearn, for those kind words.

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