DragonCon 2012

September 4th, 2012
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I would usually begin a post about a scifi/fantasy convention with details about the wild parties, the interesting costumes, or the amounts of alcohol imbibed, but this time I want to highlight something more important.


This was my third DragonCon, starting from 2010, and each time I’ve been honored to share the booth and stage with very special people. Over the course of those three years they have gone from associates to friends, and this past weekend I realized something new. They have become part of me.

Typically when authors and publishers get together, they talk about the industry, writing trends, contracts, and that sort of thing. And we did that, too. But each time our crew got together, the discussion turned to our families, our personal lives, and the bonds we’ve made—bonds we cherish beyond a sales ledger or a promotional blurb.

This year I got an added bonus. My wife Jenny was able to attend her first DragonCon. Not only did I get to watch her wonder at all the sights and sounds, and the pride with which she wore her Xena costume (which got a LOT of attention), but I was also able to share with her the camaraderie of my DragonCon family. She took to it, and us, like a fish to water.

So, if you haven’t been to DragonCon, come for the festivities—for the all-night parties and the costumes, for the celebrities and artists—but perhaps you’ll be graced like I have been, with a new family as well.

Special thanks to: Lou, Megan, Lisa, Gabrielle, Eugene, Sam, Susan, Clay, Andrew, Philippa, K.D., Jessie from JABberwocky, David, Cooper, John, and, of course, Jenny.

And thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth to support us.
For some pictures of the con, head over to facebook where I’ll be posting them soon.
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2 Responses to “DragonCon 2012”

  1. Jon Sprunk says:

    Nikki, will do!

    Thanks for supporting us. Hope you enjoy the books.

  2. Nikki Hall says:

    Hey, This is Nikki. You probably dont remember me but I am the girl that only stoppped by your booth because I recognized your wife as the most awesome Xena ever! She should come all the time. Shes just so awesome! I havent read the 3 books i bought from you yet so I cant comment on if they suck or not But i was hoping you’d say HI to Xena for me and to make sure i asked you to tell her how awesome i think she is! Oh and if you see Sam Sykes tell him I think he’s hot. <3

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