Happy Shadow Day

April 21st, 2011
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Happy Shadow Day!

To celebrate, I have a treat for you: the world premiere of the first-ever book trailer for my upcoming book, Shadow’s Lure. This beautiful video was created by the multi-talented Susan Griffith, co-author of The Greyfriar (Pyr Books).

But first let me explain the concept behind Shadow Day. Simply put, my goal is to encourage as many people as possible to pre-order Shadow’s Lure. How well a book does in its first couple weeks is very important, and pre-orders are an important part of that. We want to make a big splash that sends ripples throughout the literary world!

And it starts with you. If you’ve already pre-ordered Shadow’s Lure from an online source (like Amazon, Borders, or Barnes & Noble) or from your local bookstore, then I thank you from the bottom of my evil little heart. But don’t let it end there. Tell your friends and family about the book, your co-workers and classmates. If you have your own website or you’re on a social site like Facebook, spread the word. Everybody has a cousin or a brother or an aunt who reads voraciously. Clue them in. Or order them a copy as a gift. Nothing says love like an assassin bent on revenge.

Thank you all very much. And now, without further ado, the video trailer for book two of the Shadow Saga. . .

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3 Responses to “Happy Shadow Day”

  1. Jon Sprunk says:

    Thanks, folks. I’m *very* excited for the release.

  2. Lady K says:

    Sounds really great ! I hope it will be quickly translated into French ! 😀

  3. Kenny Soward says:

    DUDE…looks awesome..! Can’t wait to get your stuff queued up on my Kindle.

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