The Book of the Black Earth Novels

Blood and Iron cover

Blood and Iron (2014)

It begins with a shipwreck following a magical storm at sea. Magician, gladiator, and spy are joined together in an epic war for freedom in an ancient land where every man and woman must pay the price of blood or iron.







Shadow Saga Novels

Shadow's Son Cover

Shadow’s Son (2010)

In the holy city of Othir, treachery and corruption lurk at the end of every street, just the place for a freelance assassin with no loyalties and few scruples. Caim makes his living on the edge of a blade, but when a routine job goes south, he is thrust into the middle of an insidious plot. Pitted against crooked lawmen, rival killers, and darkest sorcery, his only allies are the socialite daughter of his last target and a guardian spirit no one else can see. But in this fight for his life, Caim only trusts his knives and his instincts, but they won’t be enough when his quest for justice leads him from Othir’s hazardous back alleys to its shining corridors of power. To unmask a conspiracy at the heart of the empire, he must claim his birthright as the Shadow’s Son. . . .

Shadow's Lure Cover

Shadow’s Lure (2011)

In the wild frontiers of the North, life and death balance on a sword’s edge.

Caim travels to this forbidding land in search of answers about his past, but the emergence of a new plot from the Shadow tosses him into a maelstrom of death and deceit. Against a cunning foe that threatens not just his life, but his very soul, Caim must seek out the strength buried inside him. To free his homeland and himself, he must confront the Shadow’s Lure. . . .



Shadow's Master Cover

Shadow’s Master (2012)

The Northern Wastes. . . .

A land of death and shadow where only the strongest survive. Yet that is where Caim must go to follow the mystery at the heart of his life. Armed with only his knives and his companions, he plunges into a world of eternal night where the sun is never seen and every hand is turned against him.

Caim has buried his father’s sword and found some measure of peace, but deep in the north an unfathomable power lies waiting. To succeed on this mission, Caim will have to do more than just survive. He must face the Shadow’s Master.


Short Fiction

“The Artist” (Fall 2003) – Jon’s first published story, appearing in the Cloaked in Shadow: Dark Tales of Elves anthology by Fantasist Enterprises.

“Sign of the Cross” (2005) – Published in Dreams & Visions #34 by Skysong Press.

“Office Magic” (April 2006) – Appeared in Modern Magic: Tales of Fantasy and Horror, a fantasy anthology by Fantasist Enterprises.

“Sea of Madness” (August 2007) – This homage to the late H.P. Lovecraft was published in the Sails & Sorcery: Tales of Nautical Fantasy anthology by Fantasist Enterprises.

“The Farmer’s Daughter” (July 2006) – Published online at as part of the Amazon Shorts program. Unknown if this story can still be obtained from that site. Reprinted (Summer 2008) in Cemetery Moon #4 by Fortress Publishing Inc.

“The Wu Jen” (Winter 2010) – Published in Trail of Indiscretion #10 by Fortress Publishing Inc.

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