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Book 3 Update

Hey folks, So here’s some (potentially) good news. After a very hectic and irritating summer, things have finally settled down. I have a new job that at least allows me to sleep like a semi-regular human. It still eats up a lot of time, but now that our son is in school I’ve been able […]

A Letter to J.J. Abrams

Dear Mr. Abrams, You’ve released a kickass trailer for the new Star Wars movie you’re making. Now please let suggest this: hire me as your bull$@@@ detector. I could have saved Mr. Lucas a lot of headaches and fan fury. Sir, for all our benefit, let me help you to not ruin the goodwill you […]

Leonard Nimoy Has Passed

Mr. Nimoy died today at the age of 83. His portrayal of Mr. Spock on Star Trek is a precious memory of my childhood. Today, it feels like a member of my personal family has passed.   Leonard, farewell. You are missed.

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    STORM AND STEEL is Born!

    Today the second volume of my Book of the Black Earth series was officially launched. I hope you’ll check out Storm and Steel when you have the chance.

    Storm and Steel (ARC) giveaway

    You can enter to win a free ARC of STORM AND STEEL on Goodreads. Ends 5/11.

    Shadow Saga on Audio

    Graphic Audio has all three books of the Shadow Saga on audio (cd or download). If you’ve ever wanted a movie version of these books, this is pretty close. A full cast of voice actors, music, sound effects, and they run 7-8 hours each.

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